Troubleshooting – LG LN500 Series User Manual

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Cannot hear the voice guide.

You can hear the voice guide when you select “Guidance” in “Setup”.
But during actual driving, the voice guide is not heard.

If the volume is too low, adjust the volume on the right unit.

Cannot see the map.

This is when you cannot see the map even when you have executed the
navigation menu.
This happens when the data within the memory is damaged. Delete all the
data within the memory and reinstall the data.
If the problem persists after the installation, contact the Customer Service

Map data and dangerous area information are not updated.

You must periodically update the map data.

Refer to the homepage for details on how to update the data.

The path guide can be different from the actual path.
(Path guide error)

• When the road is closely parallel.
• When the splitting road angle is very small.
• When there is an adjacent road when turning.
• When driving on a road that is narrowing fast.
• When driving through the mountain or where the road is too curvy.
• When the starting, passing and arriving locations are too close within 10 km.
• When you have set the starting, passing or arriving location more than 1 km

away from the road.

• When driving through a tunnel.
• When driving between high buildings.

There is a difference between the driving road and the road
on the map in the product.

Even though GPS is usually very accurate, it has an error range.
When GPS receiver is installed, there can be an error of about 5 to 15m. But
for newly constructed roads, the problem could be from the data update to the

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