Starting the “pc portal” wizard, Installation – LG LN500 Series User Manual

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Starting the “PC Portal” Wizard

The first time you start the “PC Portal”, the “PC
Portal” Wizard automatically starts, letting you install
Navigator software, supported languages and
voice prompts, and maps.
For a complete description of the “PC Portal”, see
Using the “PC Portal” on page 56.

1. Click the Microsoft® Windows® Start button.

2. Click the Programs > LGE > “PC Portal”.

The “PC Portal” appears.

3. If this is your first time using “PC Portal”, the “PC

Portal” wizard automatically starts and displays the
Welcome screen.

4. Make sure that your device is connected by USB

cable to a port on your PC. You will see
Connected on the “PC Portal” screen.

5. Click the

buttons to move to the

previous or next screen.

6. Select software components to install to your


• If you want to start the wizard, click


the “PC Portal” Main screen.

• If you want to stop the wizard, click


The “PC Portal” Main screen is displayed.

• If after selecting component, software, and

voice options, you want to return to the original

selections, click


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