Gps status, Setup – LG LN500 Series User Manual

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Unreliable GPS Signal
Warns that the GPS signal is too low and unreliable
for navigation.
This prompt is automatically active by default.

Travelling to...
Reminder at the start of each journey.
This prompt is automatically active by default.

Say Rd
You can set the type of the guidance name that you
will use to navigate the route.

GPS Status

The Navigator uses the GPS receiver to pinpoint
your location. GPS signals are automatically
acquired and your vehicle's location and position are
constantly updated.
The GPS receiver may take a few minutes to find its
initial location.
For best results, ensure that the GPS receiver has a
clear view of the sky.

The following GPS information is displayed:

Longitude: The angular distance east or west on the
earth's surface.

Latitude The location of a place north or south of the
earth's surface.

Speed: The rate of movement, as expressed by
kilometres or miles per hour.

Altitude: The height above sea level.
Number of Satellites: You can check reception
signals from the GPS satellite.

If GPS signal can not be acquired for long, please
restart whole navigation system by pressing Reset.

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