Photo viewer, Getting started, Browse to an image – LG LN500 Series User Manual

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Photo Viewer


Getting Started

You can open the Photo Viewer by clicking the
“Photo” button.

The Photo Viewer lets you view pictures from your
unit. This application recognizes JPG and BMP files.
The Photo Viewer’s main features let you zoom in or
zoom out, rotate an image, and display a series of
pictures through a slide show.

Browse to an Image

When you open the Photo Viewer, the Photo list
screen is displayed, showing the top level folders on
your device.
Click the folder icon to display its sub-folders and
JPG and BMP image files.

You can tap the “Page Up” and “Page Down” arrow
buttons to display the sub-folders and image files in
the current folder.

You can tap the “Directory Up” button to display the
folder immediately above in the folder hierarchy.

You can tap the “Return” button to close the Photo
Viewer and return to the Source menu.

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