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GPS Not Found

When you first start the Navigator you will hear the
message “Signal too low”. This message means that
your navigation device hasn’t yet located a reliable
GPS signal. Check that your device is connected to
the cigarette lighter and has a clear view of the sky.

The “GPS not found” message means that there is
no GPS antenna or the antenna is not properly

Please check that:

• The GPS antenna has a clear view of the sky for

uninterrupted GPS reception. The Navigator cannot
calculate the route if there is no GPS reception
(for example, in a tunnel).

• The navigation device is charged or connected to

the cigarette lighter.

Map Setup

You can tap the “Map Setup” button to customize
your map display.

Use Automatic Zoom
When this option is selected, the zoom is speed
dependent. The map zooms out at higher speeds,
displaying a larger map area, and zooms in at slower
speeds, displaying a smaller map area.
If you manually change the zoom, the Automatic
Zoom returns to a system defined zoom level after
several seconds of inactivity.

Use Larger Labels
This option increases the size of street names to
make the map easier to read.

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