Receiver circuit board – Pentair EasyTouch Pool/Spa Control System LX-100EZ User Manual

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P/N 520050


Rev. F 3-26-04


Mounted to the back of the LX-100 RF Power/Load Center is the Receiver Circuit Board.
On the circuit board, you will discover the following:

1. A 4-position configuration switch (designated S2), which can be used to configure an automatic

countdown cycle for the Spa and/or the Aux1 circuit. (Aux1 is designated as button “A” on Hand-held
Remote). See page 13 for details.

2. A 10-position configuration switch (designated S1), which can be used to customize the communication

link between the Receiver and Hand-held Remote.

3. 2-qty. status lights (designated POWER and COMMAND), which are used for trouble-shooting:

POWER: Indicates that the Control System is supplying power to the Receiver unit.
COMMAND: Flashes whenever a button is pushed on the Hand-held Remote.