Pool cleaner, Auxiliary valve – Pentair EasyTouch Pool/Spa Control System LX-100EZ User Manual

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P/N 520050


Rev. F 3-26-04


For systems which incorporate a booster pump pool cleaner, it is possible to add a mechanical time clock for
programming the daily cleaning cycles.

Install 24-Hour Time Clock (model TMR-LX) into LX-100 RF Power/Load Center faceplate at the POOL CLEANER
location, and plug into top of circuit board at CLNR TIMER socket, in accordance with instructions provided.

Install a 20-Amp Relay Kit (model RLY-LX) at the LX-100 RF Power/Load Center in accordance with instructions
provided, and plug into circuit board at CLNR relay socket.


It is possible to add a Valve Actuator (P/N 263045) to the system to motorize a two-port or three-port valve for a
custom hydraulic feature (such as a pool cleaner, fountain, waterfall, etc.). The Valve Actuator can be activated from
either the pool cleaner or auxiliary 3 circuit.

Remove knob, handle and four screws from cap of valve to be motorized, and use the four mounting screws provided
to mount Valve Actuator to valve. Run cable to low-voltage compartment of LX-100 RF Power/Load Center, and plug
into circuit board at AUX VLV Valve Socket.

Identify the 2-position AUX VLV Program Switch, which is located at bottom right of LX-100 RF Power/Load Center
circuit board, and use the corner of a small screwdriver or other blunt instrument to adjust the Switch accordingly:

1. To activate valve from the pool cleaner circuit, turn Switch #1 "ON" and Switch #2 "OFF".
2. To activate valve from the auxiliary 3 circuit, turn Switch #1 "OFF" and Switch #2 "ON".