Lx-100 rf power/load center, High voltage wiring general, System power – Pentair EasyTouch Pool/Spa Control System LX-100EZ User Manual

Page 8: Equipment power

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P/N 520050


Rev. F 3-26-04


Select a convenient location to mount the LX-100 RF Power/Load Center. Ensure that the location is greater than
5 feet from the water’s edge and no further than 15 feet from any motorized valves (otherwise Valve Actuator cables
will need to be extended). The top of the LX-100 RF Power/Load Center should be a minimum 5 feet above the
ground and a minimum 8 feet from any air blower to optimize RF signal reception.
Mount the LX-100 RF Power/Load Center on a flat surface using appropriate screws through the external mounting
points located on the side of the enclosure. Do not drill and mount from inside the enclosure.
Loosen LOCK SCREW of hinged faceplate in left-side of LX-100 RF Power/Load Center, and swing open to expose
the low-voltage compartment. All low-voltage connections are made to the circuit board, in accordance with wiring
diagram located inside door.
The high-voltage wiring compartment is located behind service panel in right-side of LX-100 RF Power/Load Center.



If using a LX-100EZT System, install an electrical sub-panel with separate breakers for each load at the equipment site.
Circuit breakers should be readily accessible to the spa user, but installed at least 5 feet from the water’s edge.
If using a LX-100EZTL System, the LX-100 RF Power/Load Center has provisions for breakers.
Make sure that the motor(s) on the equipment have built-in thermal protection.

At the LX-100 RF Power/Load Center, remove the service panel (at right) to expose the high-voltage compartment,
and knock-out the appropriate holes at bottom of enclosure to facilitate conduit mounting. Screw terminals are
provided for high-voltage connections.


Provide a separate circuit breaker to power the system. Either 115 or 230 VAC can be used (115V is preferable).
System draws less than 1-Amp. The breaker will open all ungrounded supply conductors to comply with section
422-20 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70-1987.

Run appropriate wires from circuit breaker to high-voltage compartment of LX-100 RF Power/Load Center, and
connect to top terminal block in accordance with wiring label, which is marked SYSTEM POWER.
Install two jumper wires for 115V, or one jumper for 230V, according to wiring label.


Provide independent circuit breakers for R1 (FLTR), R2 (AUX1), R3 (AUX2) and R4 (AUX3).
Run appropriate wires from breakers to high-voltage compartment of LX-100 RF Power/Load Center, and connect to
LINE1 and LINE2 screw terminals at each terminal block.
Connect pumps and other high-voltage equipment to LOAD1 and LOAD2 terminals.
Each individual terminal block can be wired for either 115V or 230VAC.


For 115V equipment, only half of the terminal block will be used (i.e.: LINE1 and LOAD1).