Spa-side remote control – Pentair EasyTouch Pool/Spa Control System LX-100EZ User Manual

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Rev. F 3-26-04


P/N 520050


The optional Spa-side Remote Control is a double-insulated device which is ETL-listed for installation within 5 feet of
the water’s edge. It is typically installed at the tile-line of the spa wall (above water level), or in the deck within arm’s
reach of the spa.
If the Spa-side Remote is to be installed into the wall of a gunite spa, provision should be made while the spa is being

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When the spa construction is completed, cut back the 1-½” dia. PVC receptacle flush with the spa wall finish or surface
of deck. See Fig. 1.
Screw Mounting Adapter onto Spa-side Remote, and finger-tighten. Do not use wrench.
Thread cable through conduit to low-voltage compartment of LX-100 RF Power/Load Center.
Carefully glue Mounting Adapter into 1-½” PVC receptacle using PVC cement. For aesthetic purposes, it is suggested
that the Spa-side Remote be installed with the red push-button in the 12 o’clock position. See Fig. 2.

At the LX-100 RF Power/Load Center, identify the 6-conductor cable from the Spa-side Remote, and cut-off excess
cable as necessary. Strip insulation of each conductor ¼”, and connect to REMOTE SWITCHES Screw Terminals
at bottom of circuit board in accordance with wiring diagram:

Black conductor (Switch Common) to GND screw terminal.
Red conductor (Red Push-button) to SPA screw terminal.
Yellow conductor (Yellow Push-button) to AUX1 screw terminal.
Green conductor (Green Push-button) to AUX2 screw terminal.
Blue conductor (Blue Push-button) to AUX3 screw terminal.
Orange conductor (LED) to SLMP screw terminal.

A set of adhesive labels is provided for custom identification of individual Spa-side Remote push-buttons.
Use a pair of fine-tip tweezers to carefully adhere the appropriate label at each button.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2