Introduction, Safety features heater protection, Pool cleaner protection – Pentair EasyTouch Pool/Spa Control System LX-100EZ User Manual

Page 22: Hand-held remote caution

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P/N 520050


Rev. F 3-26-04


The LX-100EZ is an electronic control system which is designed to coordinate and operate all of the equipment associated
with your swimming pool and spa.
The system is comprised of three principle components:

1. Hand-held Remote.
2. Power Center.
3. Motorized Valves (2 qty).

The Remote provides Push-button control of the equipment from the convenience of your fingertips; the LX-100 RF
Power/Load Center
automatically controls the timing of your filter pump and pool cleaner (if applicable) and provides
easy maintenance for your Pool Serviceperson; and the Motorized Valves switch the filter and heater from pool to spa.
Additionally, the Control System incorporates important safety features which protect your pool equipment from accidental
Your system may also include additional Remote Controls and special options which further add to the convenience, safety
and economy of operating your pool equipment.



A built-in electronic delay circuit automatically runs the filter pump for an additional 4 minutes whenever the pool or spa
are turned off. This feature enables the heater to cool down, so that the heat exchanger and plumbing are not damaged
from overheating. Some heaters do not require a cool down cycle (i.e. MiniMax), therefore your installer may have turned
this feature off.


If your system incorporates an automatic pool cleaner pump, it will have been plumbed in conjunction with the filter pump
so that it must have water circulation in order to operate.
The LX-100 RF Power/Load Center incorporates the following protection features against possible pump damage if there
is no water circulation:

1. The filter pump will automatically be activated whenever the pool cleaner pump is running, even if the filter

pump is not programmed on.

2. Your pool cleaner will automatically be switched off whenever water is being circulated to the Spa.



The Hand-held Remote is not waterproof. If it accidentally gets submerged, disassemble by removing screw. Remove
battery and let unit dry out. Reassemble.

The Hand-held Remote will control four circuits.

Push-button “SPA” activates the Spa circuit.
Push-button “A” activates Auxiliary 1 circuit.
Push-button “B” activates Auxiliary 2 circuit.
Push-button “C” activates Auxiliary 3 circuit.
Each of the four functions on the hand-held remote has an "ON" and an "OFF" button.

IMPORTANT: When using the Hand-held Remote, it is necessary to hold the button down for a full one second
to insure that transmission takes place.
It is possible to incorporate a 30-minute or 90-minute countdown cycle for the Spa and/or Auxiliary 1 circuit (useful if
Aux1 is used for a jet pump or air blower). In this instance, whenever those circuits are turned on, they will automatically
shut down (at the end of the countdown cycle) without having to push the "OFF" button.
In order to incorporate the countdown feature, it is necessary to make adjustments to the circuit board located inside the
Receiver unit. See the Installation instructions.