Cp-100 (optional) indoor controller, Using the crimping tool – Pentair EasyTouch Pool/Spa Control System LX-100EZ User Manual

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P/N 520050


Rev. F 3-26-04


2 qty. separate 150 foot spools of 6-conductor 26 AWG communication cable are provided (one black and one silver)
to connect to the CP-100 Controller.


Cable lubricant must be used when pulling these cables through the conduit.

Select a convenient location inside the house or other weather-protected area to mount the CP-100 Controller.
The overall width of the Controller (with doors open) is 11-½”. The location of the 6-conductor communication cables
(on the centerline of the enclosure) should therefore be at least 5-¼” from any door jamb, wall corner or other obstacle.
Remove backplate from Controller. Temporarily pull cables through large hole in backplate, and position backplate on
surface of wall. Make sure that backplate is level and that “TOP” nomenclature is oriented correctly, and mark the
three mounting points on the surface of the wall. With the backplate removed from the wall, drill 3/16” diameter holes
and insert mounting anchors (included) into the three holes. Pull cables through large hole in backplate, and use the
three 1-¼” screws to mount backplate to wall.
Use the Crimping Tool (model TOOL-6) to attach modular connectors at each end of both cables. See USING THE
At the CP-100 Controller, plug the silver cable (with modular connector attached) into the circuit board at Socket #1
(SILVER), and plug the black cable into Socket #2.
Use the four ½” screws (included) to mount CP-100 Controller to the backplate.
At the LX-100 RF Power/Load Center, it will be necessary to use two Cable Splitters (P/N 6CONDDUAL) to
connect to the Main circuit board. Disconnect the existing Receiver circuit board cables from the Main circuit board.
Plug the short cable (attached to single-connector end of each Cable Splitter) into the Power Center circuit board.
Plug Cable Splitters into Socket #1 (SILVER) and black Socket #2.
Paying careful attention to match cable color to socket cable color label (silver - silver), reconnect the existing Receiver
circuit board cables and the Indoor Remote cables into dual-connector end of each of the Cable Splitters.

Using the Crimping Tool

Make sure that the end of the cable is cut squarely (not diagonally).
Insert the cable between the stripper blades of the tool until it touches the stop. Squeeze the handles and pull the tool,
making sure that the cable stays perpendicular to it. If this is done correctly, the outer jacket of the cable will be
removed without damaging the insulation on the individual conductors.
Place a modular connector in the holder portion of the tool so that the front of the connector is against the stop and the
gold contacts face the crimper. Orient the prepared cable so that the blue conductor is closest to the tool handles, and
insert cable into connector. Make certain that the conductors are flush with the tip of the connector and directly under
the gold contacts. Squeeze the handles firmly to set the contacts and secure the cable.


It is important that the orientation (blue conductor closest to tool handles) is identical at all four cable ends.