Helpful hints and tips – ZANKER KBU 12401 DK User Manual

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Ice-cube production

This appliance is equipped with one or more trays for
the production of ice-cubes. Fill these trays with water,
then put them in the freezer compartment.

Important! Do not use metallic instruments to remove
the trays from the freezer.


Deep-frozen or frozen food, prior to being used, can be
thawed in the refrigerator compartment or at room tem-
perature, depending on the time available for this oper-
Small pieces may even be cooked still frozen, directly
from the freezer: in this case, cooking will take longer.

Movable shelves

The walls of the refrigera-
tor are equipped with a
series of runners so that
the shelves can be posi-
tioned as desired.
For better use of space,
the front half-shelves can
lie over the rear ones.

Positioning the door shelves

To permit storage of food
packages of various
sizes, the door shelves
can be placed at different

Gradually pull the shelf in
the direction of the ar-
rows until it comes free,
then reposition as re-

Important! this appliance is sold in France.
In accordance with regulations valid in this country it
must be provided with a special device (see figure)
placed in the lower compartment of the fridge to
indicate the coldest zone of it.

Helpful hints and tips

Normal Operating Sounds

• You may hear a faint gurgling and a bubbling sound

when the refrigerant is pumped through the coils or
tubing. This is correct.

• When the compressor is on, the refrigerant is being

pumped around and you will hear a whirring sound
and a pulsating noise from the compressor. This is

• The thermic dilatation might cause a sudden crack-

ing noise. It is natural, not dangerous physical phe-
nomenon. This is correct.

• When the compressor switches on or switches off,

you will hear a faint "click" of the temperature regula-
tor. This is correct.

Hints for energy saving

• Do not open the door frequently or leave it open lon-

ger than absolutely necessary.

• If the ambient temperature is high and the Tempera-

ture Regulator is set to low temperature and the ap-
pliance is fully loaded, the compressor may run con-
tinuously, causing frost or ice on the evaporator. If
this happens, set the Temperature Regulator toward
warmer settings to allow automatic defrosting and so
a saving in electricity consumption.

Hints for fresh food refrigeration

To obtain the best performance:
• do not store warm food or evaporating liquids in the