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NetComm VoIP WiFi Phone V24W User Guide

Web Site

A list of web sites (if saved) will be shown. Scroll through these choices and press the
center selection key to visit the web site you want. To save frequently visited web sites,
select Option to see menu choices, which will be described in further detail below. Select
Return to return to the previous menu.

Visiting a Web Site

When the web site is displayed, use the navigation bar below the Address field to control
the web browser, and use the navigation pad to control the cursor.

Refer to the table below for navigating the web browser.
Button Description
<= & => buttons

Forward and back buttons to move between web pages.

Red X button

To stop loading the current website

Green refresh button

Reload the current website

Home button

To load your homepage

Search button

To run a search

Small A

To zoom out

Large A

To zoom in

Minimize button

To minimize the Address bar

To auto-scroll, press the Mouse Mode soft key until you see an orange navigation cursor.
Then use the navigation pad to scroll up and down the webpage. To use the cursor as a
page up and down button, press the Mouse Mode soft key again until the cursor turns
blue with a “o” in the center. Then use the navigation pad to move up and down the

To visit a different website, select the current web address in the Address field. Enter the
new web address, and a new window will automatically appear. When you have finished
entering the new web address, press the center selection key.

You can also use the Address drop-down menu. Select the website you want. Then press the
center selection key, or select Option and then Enter.

Press the Option soft key and select Exit to return to the stand by screen.

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