NetComm V24W User Manual

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NetComm VoIP WiFi Phone V24W User Guide

Chapter 2: Getting to know your NetComm
V24W WiFi VoIP Phone

The Bottom Panel

The V24W Phone’s headset jack and USB port are located on the bottom panel.




Headset Port This port allows you to connect a headset to the V24W.

USB Port The USB port allows you to attach the included power adapter.

The Front and Side Panel

1. Power LED

2. Volume up/down

3. Soft Key

4. Navigation Pad

5. Center Selection Key

6. Call

7. Power/End Call

8. Different Key Choices/+ symbol

9. Enter Symbol/Space

The Power LED is located at the top of the V24W VoIP Phone, while the buttons are located on
the front and side panels.

Power LED

The LED is solid blue when the IP Phone is powered on and ready for calls.
The LED flashes red when the IP Phone is not ready to make or receives calls.
The LED alternates between blue and purple when the IP Phone is powered off and

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