NetComm V24W User Manual

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NetComm VoIP WiFi Phone V24W User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make calls if my Internet connection is down?
No. Your high-speed Internet connection must be active when you make Internet phone calls.

Can I use the IP Phone to make a call and browse the Internet at the same time?
No. The V24W Phone supports either calling or web browsing, not both at the same time.
However, you can receive a call while web browsing with the IP Phone. Also, you can make calls
with the V24W Phone while browsing the Internet on your computer. Please note that your web
browsing may affect the quality of your telephone call, depending on the amount of upstream data
traffic passing through your Internet connection.

Can I receive calls while my network is down?
You cannot directly receive calls while your network is down. However, your VoIP Service
Provider account may allow you to forward calls to a different telephone number, such as a
cellular phone number. For more information, please contact your VoIP Service Provider.

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