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This section provides definitions for technical terms used in this guide.

Standard Internet Connection Parameters

When configuring the BSGX4e to connect to the Internet, or to connect to any devices
you connect to ports 1–4, you are asked for the following common network parameters.
Since these terms appear frequently in the Initial Setup Wizard, they are defined here for
your information.

Table 2

Preliminary Configuration Data

Wizard Page

Page Field


Time and Date


Simple Network Time Protocol is a server on the Internet
that provides a time signal to your BSGX4e.
Does your service provider offer an SNTP service? If not,
you can set the time manually.

Time and Date

GMT Offset

If you use an SNTP server, you must tell it how many hours
you are away from Greenwich Mean Time.
In the U.S., the East Coast is –5 (minus 5) hours from GMT
and the West Coast is –8 hours.

WAN Interface


Variation include:

PPP is one type of protocol used for transporting data
packets over the Internet. Most DSL connections use PPP,
and it is also common with a T1 interface.
If your account uses PPP, your service provider will supply
a user name and password.
A PPP account may also require a Self IP address, which is
like the static IP address described in the following row.

LAN Interface

IP Address
Subnet Mask

By default, the BSGX4e automatically supplies this address
and mask. This works for most situations so no further
information is needed.
If you are connecting a device to the BSGX4e that requires
this address or mask be changed, seek professional
advice. See more discussion on the LAN Interface Setup
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Quality of
Service Setup

Upstream QoS
Max Bandwidth

Downstream QoS
Line Rate

Your service provider states the bandwidth rate for the
service account you have purchased.
Ideally, they state an upstream and downstream rate
separately. Having both of these rates helps QoS work
more efficiently.

Voice over IP

SIP Session

SIP Server

Your VoIP service provider will supply the needed
addresses and logon information with your account.