Configuration is complete, Backup configuration file – Nortel Networks Nortel Business Services Gateway BSGX4e User Manual

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Backup configuration file

3 Wizard pages

Note: You have now completed the configuration process. However, before you disconnect the PC you
used for this task, read

Backup configuration file (page 29)


Configuration is complete

Now that you have completed the basic configuration process you can proceed to connecting your
LAN devices to the BSGX4e LAN ports. See

Figure 2


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) and

Table 1


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) for


Note: Most network equipment is “plug-n-play” in that they perform a self-configuration when you
connect them to the BSGX4e. However, some devices may require manual configuration. Check the
literature that accompanies the devices.

You are now ready to use your network equipment with the BSGX4e.

Modifying the configuration

If you need to modify a configuration parameter after you have used the Initial Setup Wizard, you
can go back into the wizard and


to the page that contains the parameter. After changing the

parameter value, click


to implement the change. Then


to the last page and





If you have logged out of the Web UI, log back in as described beginning at

Step 4


page 17



If you have closed the wizard but are still logged in to the Web UI:



on the button bar.


Initial Setup

on the side menu. The Initial Setup Wizard opens.

Backup configuration file

The configuration process you just completed with the Initial Setup Wizard stores the
configuration parameters in the BSGX4e’s memory. As with any computer device, there is some
possibility of memory corruption. To avoid having to repeat the configuration process if this
occurs, you can export a configuration file to your PC. Then, if the BSGX4e loses its
configuration, you can import the configuration file for complete recovery. Follow the steps below
to perform this task.

Creating a configuration file requires you to go into the Web UI (User Interface), which is that
Web page you see behind the Initial Setup Wizard pages.

Saving a backup configuration file

Step 1

Access the Web UI.

If you closed the Initial Setup Wizard but did not log out of the Web UI, you see the home page.If
you did log out of the Web UI, repeat the login instructions on

page 17