Nortel Networks Nortel Business Services Gateway BSGX4e User Manual

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1 Introduction and preparation





The 210 model has an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) interface for
connecting to the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) of a service
provider, which is a central office switch for DSL service. This model has a DSL
modem built in to the WAN connector.


The BSGX4e has a T1/E1 interface for connecting to a T1/E1 link of a service

Who should use the Initial Setup

The BSGX4e is typically installed by
professional technicians in a
corporate setting using the Web UI or
the command line utility. However,
the Initial Setup Wizard is designed to
allow a less-technical user to perform
a self-installation in a small office or
home setting.

You are expected to have computer
experience such as installing
programs and connecting hardware

What does the Initial Setup Wizard do?

You can use the Initial Setup Wizard to:


Change the administrator password from the factory default password.


Assign a name to the unit and select the country of operation.


Set the date and time for the system clock.


Configure the Internet interface in accordance with the specifications of your service
provider’s network.


Configure the local network interface. The phones, computers, and fax machines that
you connect to the BSGX4e constitute your local network.


Configure the Quality of Service (QoS) feature. QoS guarantees bandwidth for critical
functions when your Internet connection is at full capacity. With QoS you can use
Voice over Internet Protocol ( VOIP) telephones without the call being disrupted.


Configure the VoIP feature in accordance with the specifications of your VoIP service

Technicians: If you use this wizard,
be aware that it sets many parameter
defaults in the background. You must
use the Web UI to change their values
as needed.

What is the BSGX4e?

BSGX4e is a powerful device that delivers
Unified Communications to your office.


What is a gateway device?
In general, a gateway is an Internet
device that connects one network to
another. In this case, it is connecting
your office to the Internet, or perhaps to
another office.
Connecting two networks involves
several different functions. BSGX4e
handles them all in one device rather
than having several different boxes with
each handling one function.


What is unified communications?
Unified communications is a popular
term to describe the convergence of
various communications technologies in
one device. As applied to BSGX4e, this
refers to voice, video, and data