Nortel Networks Nortel Business Services Gateway BSGX4e User Manual

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3 Wizard pages

Configuration process

preventing access by non-protected functions. Only when your Internet WAN link is at
maximum capacity, and you have many simultaneous calls in progress are your
non-protected functions interrupted.
The drawback to using the maximum value for

Voice Bandwidth

is if you want to add another

QoS group in the future to protect other traffic. You would have to lower the Voice group
bandwidth to accommodate the new group.

Notes on video

The BSGX4e is capable of protecting a video IP stream under QoS. However, due to the unique
technical aspects of IP video, professional assistance would be needed to set this up. The BSGX4e
does process all types of video streams, but configuring the BSGX4e to guarantee uninterrupted
service with QoS is what requires the professional assistance.

Video also requires large amounts of bandwidth. The typical Internet connection in a home or
small office may not have enough bandwidth to ensure uninterrupted video transmission.

Step 7

Voice over IP Setup page

VoIP phones must connect to your VoIP
service provider’s SIP server. The User Agent
can also connect to the server. (The User
Agent allows you to connect a standard,
analog phone to the BSGX4e.)


SIP Session Controller

Enter the


name ( or

network address (123.456.7.89) of the server
of your service provider.
Your service provider may also have a


server (which improves the reliability of your
Internet connection). If so, enter its domain
name or network address.
Use the

Set Default

button to populate the

Port, Heartbeat, and Frequency

fields unless

you have professional advice to use different settings.
Set the


field to what your license agreement states. This is 10 or 30 calls.


SIP User Agent

If your service provider supports a User Agent (sometimes called a “SIP gateway”), they
supply the account login data needed for these fields.

Step 8

Finishing up page

After completing the last configuration page you are taken to the finishing page where you can go
back through the pages to check any previous settings, or finish by saving the configuration into
the BSGX4e’s memory.