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1 Introduction and preparation

How to get help



SIP – Session Initiation Protocol is the most popular protocol used with VoIP. The
phones you use with the BSGX4e are likely marked as “SIP phones.”
VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol is a digital telephone service that uses the public
Internet instead of the traditional analog telephone network.
WAN – A Wide Area Network is a technical term for the network of servers and other
devices on the Internet with which you will connect.

How to get help

This section explains how to get help for Nortel products and services.

Getting help from the Nortel Web site

The best way to get technical support for Nortel products is from the Nortel
Technical Support Web site:

This site provides quick access to software, documentation, bulletins, and tools
to address issues with Nortel products. More specifically, the site enables you to:

download software, documentation, and product bulletins

search the Technical Support Web site and the Nortel Knowledge Base for answers to
technical issues

sign up for automatic notification of new software and documentation for Nortel

open and manage technical support cases

Getting help over the phone from a Nortel Solutions Center

If you do not find the information you require on the Nortel Technical Support
Web site, and have a Nortel support contract, you also get help over the phone
from a Nortel Solutions Center.

In North America, call 1-800-4NORTEL (1-800-466-7835).

Outside North America, go to the following web site to obtain the phone number
for your region: