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Troubleshooting the Daemon

3-4 Oracle Application Server Adapter for IMS/TM User’s Guide

Server Options

Right-click a server to display the options available for the server, including the ability
to display the server log.

The following table lists the available options:

Daemon Logs

Oracle Connect produces a number of logs that you can use to troubleshoot problems.
The daemon manages the following logs:

The daemon log

The workspace log

The server process log

The Runtime Manager perspective of Oracle Studio provides a monitor for these logs,
as shown in the following figure:

Display the required log by right-clicking the level you want (daemon, workspace or
server) and selecting View Log. Each log is displayed in a different tab. You can flick
between logs by clicking the required tab.

Table 3–3 Server Options




Checks the status of the server. The information about the
server includes the server mode and the number of active
client sessions for the server.

View Log

Displays the server log. For details see

"Daemon Logs"


page 3-4.

View Events

Displays the the server events log.

Kill server

Ends the server process, regardless of its activity status.


: It is recommended to use this option with caution,

as it may lead to data loss.


Refreshes the display.