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Page 37: Advanced features of oracleas adapter for ims/tm

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Advanced Features of OracleAS Adapter for IMS/TM 5-1


Advanced Features of OracleAS Adapter for


Oracle Connect includes a number of tuning parameters that can improve
performance. Specifically, the daemon can be configured to optimize communication
between the IBM OS/390 or z/OS platform and a client. In addition, the binding
environment can be tuned to optimize request handling.

This section contains the following topics:

Configuring the Daemon for High Availability

Configuring a Binding Environment

Migration Considerations

Security Considerations

Transaction Support

Configuring the Daemon for High Availability

The daemon workspace is responsible for allocating server processes to clients. You
can configure a workspace to use a pool of server processes so that a server process is
always available for a client request. Use Oracle Studio to maintain daemon and
daemon workspace parameters to control the allocation of server processes and their
management in a pool.

You can also have a number of daemon workspace configurations. Therefore, you can
create individual workspaces for use with different adapters.

Adding a New Daemon Workspace Configuration

Use Oracle Studio to add a new daemon configuration. You can set up different
daemon configurations for different situations.

Perform the following steps to add a new daemon workspace configuration:


From the Start menu, select Programs, Oracle, and then select Studio.


In the Configuration Explorer, expand the node of the required computer.


Expand the Daemons node. The available daemon configurations are listed.


Right-click IRPCD and select New Workspace. The New Daemon Workspace
screen is displayed, as shown in the following figure: