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Configuring Oracle Connect

6-26 Oracle Application Server Adapter for IMS/TM User’s Guide


Add as many interactions as necessary and click Next to generate the metadata
definitions for the adapter.


Specify that you want to transfer the metadata from the Windows computer to the
IBM OS/390 or z/OS platform and click Finish.

The metadata is imported based on the options specified and it is stored on the IBM
OS/390 or z/OS platform. An XML representation of the metadata is also generated.

After performing the import, you can view the metadata in Oracle Studio Design
perspective Metadata tab. You can also make any fine adjustments to the metadata and
maintain it, as necessary.

Viewing the XML Schema

The XML describing the adapter interactions can be viewed in Oracle Studio Design
perspective Metadata Source tab.

A sample Source tab is shown in the following figure:


Free text describing the interaction.


IMS/TM specific parameters:

c: The interaction commit mode.

maxSegmentSize: The maximum size of the segment. The
default value is 32768 (bytes).

transaction: The name of the transaction that is executed
when the interaction is executed. You must specify a
transaction name for each interaction.

The maxSegmentSize parameter enables dynamically
splitting large messages into smaller segments. Although
the default value can be changed, the logic of IMS/TM
transaction must correspond accordingly. The transaction
must perform a GU call followed by a series of GN calls in
order to compile the entire input message. A transaction
output message, larger than 32K, is handled by the OTMS
C/I interface which performs the task of assembling the
output segments into a single buffer.

See Also:

Appendix A, "Advanced Tuning of the Metadata"


details about fine tuning the adapter metadata

Table 6–16 (Cont.) Interaction Parameters