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Metadata for the Back-end Adapter

Advanced Tuning of the Metadata A-3

Figure A–2 The Interactions tab

The Interaction tab comprises fields, as listed in the following table:

Schema General Tab

Use the Schema General tab to define the general details of the input and output
record structures for the interaction.

Table A–2 Interaction tab Components



Interaction name

Specifies the name of the interaction.


Provides a descriptive identifier for the interaction.


Determines the interaction mode. The following
interaction modes are available:

sync-send-receive: The interaction sends a request and
expects to receive a response.

sync-send: The interaction sends a request and does
not expect to receive a response.

sync-receive: The interaction expects to receive a

async-send: Not applicable

Input record

Identifies an input record.

Output record

Identifies an output record for the results of an interaction.

Interaction Specific

Defines the properties and values of parameters specific to
an interaction. The transaction property is available,
which specifies the IMS/TM transaction that is called
when the interaction is executed.