Oracle Audio Technologies B31003-01 User Manual

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Configuring Oracle Connect

6-24 Oracle Application Server Adapter for IMS/TM User’s Guide

Figure 6–11 The Apply Filters screen


Apply filters to the copybooks, as needed.

The following table lists the available filters:

Table 6–15 Available Filters



COMP_6 switch

The MicroFocus COMP-6 compiler directive. Specify
either COMP-6’1’ to treat COMP-6 as a COMP data type
or COMP-6’2’ to treat COMP-6 as a COMP-3 data type.

Compiler source

The compiler vendor.

Storage mode

The MicroFocus Integer Storage Mode. Specify either
NOIBMCOMP for byte storage mode or IBMCOMP is for
word storage mode.

Ignore after column

Ignores columns 73 to 80 in the COBOL copybook.


Ignores the first six columns in the COBOL copybook.

Replace hyphens (-)
in record and field
names with
underscores (_)

Replaces all hyphens in either the record or field names in
the metadata generated from the COBOL with underscore

Prefix nested

Prefix all nested columns with the previous level heading.

Case sensitive

Specifies whether to be sensitive to the search string case.


Searches for the specified value.

Replace with

Replaces the value specified for Find with the value
specified here