Oracle Audio Technologies B31003-01 User Manual

Page 71

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Configuring Oracle Connect

Installing and Configuring OracleAS Adapter for IMS/TM 6-23

Figure 6–10 The Add Resources screen


Right-click the computer and select Set Transfer Type. Enter the transfer type
(ASCII or BINARY) and click OK.


Expand the list of the added site until you find the necessary COBOL files. To
change the high-level qualifier, right-click the computer and select Change Root
Directory. Enter the new high-level qualifier enclosed in quotes, and click OK.


Select the required COBOL copybook file or files and click Finish. The selected file
or files are displayed in the Metadata Import wizard.


Click Next. The Apply Filters screen is displayed, as shown in the following


You can import the metadata from one COBOL copybook

and later add to this metadata by repeating the import procedure
using different COBOL copybooks.

The format of the COBOL copybooks must be identical. That is, you
cannot import a COBOL copybook that uses the first six columns
with a COBOL copybook that ignores the first six columns. In this
type of case you must repeat the import procedure.