Oracle Audio Technologies B31003-01 User Manual

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C-8 Oracle Application Server Adapter for IMS/TM User’s Guide


Expand the Daemons node to display the workspaces in the Runtime Explorer.


Right-click the workspace and select Edit Workspace Configuration. The WS Info.
tab opens.


After making changes to the workspace, right-click the daemon and select Reload



Right-click the daemon and select End Unused Servers. Any servers in the
connection pool are closed and new servers start with the new configuration.

The WS Info. tab is shown in the following figure:

Figure 6–17 The WS Info tab

The WS Info. tab comprises fields, as listed in the following table:


You can also change daemon settings using the

Configuration Explorer, by selecting a computer and scrolling the
list to the required daemon. Right-click the daemon and select Edit


Changes made to the daemon configuration are not implemented.
They are only implemented after the configuration is reloaded
using the Reload Configuration option in the Runtime Manager.

Table 6–21 WS Info tab Components



Workspace name

The name used to identify the workspace.


: The default configuration includes the default

Navigator workspace. This workspace is automatically
used if a workspace is not specified as part of the
connection settings.


A description of the workspace.

Startup script

The full path name of the script that starts the workspace
server processes. The script specified here must always
activate the nav_login procedure and then run the
server program (svc). If you do not specify the directory,
the startup procedure is taken from the directory where
the daemon resides. Oracle Connect includes a default
startup script, which it is recommended to use.