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Metadata for the Back-end Adapter

A-2 Oracle Application Server Adapter for IMS/TM User’s Guide

The General tab is shown in the following figure:

Figure A–1 The General tab

The General tab comprises fields, as listed in the following table:

Interaction Tab

Use the Interaction tab to define the general details of the interaction in addition to its
input and output definitions.

The Interactions tab is shown in the following figure:

Table A–1 General tab Components



Adapter definition name

Specifies the name of the adapter definition.


Specifies an identifying description of the adapter.

Authentication mechanism

Specifies the authentication method used to access the
adapter. The available mechanisms are:



basic password

Max request size

Specifies the maximum size in bytes for an XML request or
reply. Larger messages are rejected with an error.

Max active connections

Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous
connections for an adapter (per process).

Max idle timeout

Specifies the maximum time, in seconds, that an active
connection can stay idle. After that time, the connection is

Adapter Specifications

Specifies the adapter-specific properties for an interaction.
The IMS/TM back-end adapter does not have any
adapter-specific properties.