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Page 77: Advanced tuning of the metadata

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Advanced Tuning of the Metadata A-1


Advanced Tuning of the Metadata

Oracle Studio enables you to define outbound adapter interactions. In addition, Oracle
Studio defines input and output structures used for these interactions. The interactions
and input and output structures are maintained as metadata in the Metadata tab of
Oracle Studio.

Metadata for the Back-end Adapter

Using Oracle Studio, perform the following steps to maintain the metadata for
OracleAS Adapter for IMS/TM.


From the Start menu, select Programs, Oracle, and then select Studio.


Expnad the node of the required computer in the Configuration Explorer.


Expand the Bindings node.


Expand the NAV binding node.


Expand the Adapters node to display the adapters.


Right-click the IMS/TM adapter in and select Edit Metadata to display the
Metadata tab.


Right-click the required interaction in the Metadata Explorer, and select Edit.

The metadata editor opens, displaying the General tab, with general table details. The
following tabs are used to view and edit the metadata:

General Tab

Interaction Tab

Schema General Tab

Schema Record Tab

Source Tab

General Tab

Use the General tab to maintain information describing the adapter and the
connection to the adapter.