Listening to the radio – Teac GF-550 User Manual

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Listening to the Radio


Select FM or AM using the FM/AM button.


Select the station you want to listen to (auto selection).

Hold down the TUNING button (


) until the frequency

display begins to change.

< When a station is tuned in, the tuning process will stop


< Press the TUNING button ( or ) to stop the auto selection.

Selecting stations which cannot be tuned automatically

(manual selection)

When the

.m or ,/ button is pressed momentarily,

the frequency changes by a fixed step.
Press the

.m or ,/ button repeatedly until the

station you want to listen to is found.

FM MODE button

Pressing this button alternates between STEREO mode and
MONO mode.

FM stereo broadcasts are received in stereo and the “STEREO”
indicator lights in the display.

< If the sound is distorted and the “STEREO” indicator blinks, the

signal is not strong enough for good stereo reception. In this
case, change to MONO mode.

To compensate for weak FM stereo reception, select this mode.
Reception will now be forced to monaural, reducing unwanted

If the reception is poor

AM broadcast
Turn around the AM antenna and/or the unit to find the best
position for AM stations.

FM broadcast
Extend and turn around the FM antenna so that you can receive
the stations clearly.

< If the reception was not improved, an outdoor antenna may be


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