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Recording (1)

Before you start recording, make sure that you understand
the following points:

< CD specifications limit the number of tracks to 99.

< You can not create recording tracks shorter than 10 seconds.

< Once you have recorded on a CD-R disc, the data cannot be


< A recorded CD-R can be played back in a regular CD player after


< To add more recordings to a finalized CD-RW, unfinalize it. (See

page 31.)

When all available space on a CD-RW has been recorded, you can

record additional tracks by erasing previously recorded tracks.
Note that you can only erase all tracks or the last track.

< If the STOP button (H) or PLAY/PAUSE button (y/J) is pressed

within 10 seconds from the beginning of recording, the unit does
not stop recording.

< When the recording is finished, “REC” and “- ENd - ” blink for a few

seconds, and the unit then goes into stop mode. Do not apply
any shock or vibration to the unit during blinking.

< If the disc reaches the end during recording, the unit finalizes the

disc automatically and stops.

< If the disc reaches the end of the 99th track during recording, the

unit finalizes the disc automatically and stops.

< The recording time of a track may differ slightly from the original


< When a partially recorded disc is inserted, recording starts after

the last recorded track.

< The AUTO REC function automatically divides a track according

to the sound level that has been set (See page 25). Therefore it
is possible when using this function that a finished copy could
have more tracks than its original source. It would be caused by
extremely quiet part or noisy part.

< When the TRACK INCREMENT button is pressed while recording,

the recorded sound will be cut for a moment.

Do not use the TRACK INCREMENT function while the music

sound continues.

< When the disc which was recorded by this unit is played back by

some other players, a small noise may be heard at the point that
the track is divided.

Before Recording

Audio from the FM/AM, PHONO, TAPE (cassette tapes) or AUX
sources can be recorded on the CD recorder.


Press the PHONO/TAPE/AUX button or the FM/AM button

repeatedly to select the source to be recorded.

To record a record or cassette tape, select PHONO/TAPE and set
the INPUT switch by the turntable to the desired source.
To record an external source connected to the AUX IN jacks,
select AUX.

To record a radio broadcast
Select FM or AM using the FM/AM button and select the station
using the

.m/,/ button or PRESET button in step



A station cannot be selected after you press the REC button in




Load a recordable CD-R or CD-RW disc into the unit.

Press the OPEN/CLOSE button (

L), place a disc on the disc tray

with the printed label side up, and then press the OPEN/CLOSE
button (

L) to close the disc tray.

Make sure “NO TOC” and “CD-R” (or “CD-RW“) indicators lights on
the display, or the RECORD button in step


will not work.

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