Troubleshooting, General, Cd recorder – Teac GF-550 User Manual

Page 32: Tuner, Turntable, Cassette tape, Beware of condensation, Maintenance

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If you experience any problems with the unit, please take a moment
to look through this chart and see if you can solve the problem
yourself before you call your dealer or a TEAC service center.


No power.

e Check the connection to the AC power source. Check and

make sure the AC source is not a switched outlet and if it is, the
switch is turned on. Make sure there is power to the AC outlet
by plugging another item such as a lamp or fan.

No sound.

e Adjust the volume.

The sound is noisy.

e The unit is too close to a TV set or similar appliances.

Relocate the unit further away from them, or turn the other
appliances off.

Remote control does not work.

e Press the POWER switch of the main unit to turn it ON.
e If the batteries are dead, change the batteries.
e Use the remote control unit within the (5m) range and pointed

at the front panel.

e Clear obstacles that are between the remote control unit and

the main unit.

e If a strong light is near the unit, turn it off.

CD Recorder

Will not play.

e Load a disc with the playback side facing down.
e If the disc is dirty, clean the surface of the disc.
e A blank disc has been loaded. Load a prerecorded disc.
e Depending on the disc, etc. it may not be possible to playback

CD-R/CD-RW discs. Try again with another disc.

Sound skips.

e Place the unit on a stable surface to avoid vibration and shock.
e If the disc is dirty, clean the surface of the disc.
e Do not use scratched, damaged or warped discs.

Recording is not possible.

e A playback-only disc or finalized disc has been loaded. Use a

recordable disc.

e The disc does not have a recordable area. Use another disc.
e The recording level is too low. Adjust the recording level.
e The recording does not start if only the RECORD button is

pressed. Always press the PLAY/PAUSE button (

y/J) to start

the recording.


Cannot listen to any station, or signal is too weak.

e Tune in the station properly.
e If a TV is near the unit, turn it off.
e Rotate the unit or antenna wire for the best reception position.


Will not play.

e Loosen the transportation screw, and remove the stylus guard.

(The stylus guard is a plastic cover that protects the stylus
during transportation. Failing to remove this guard will not
allow the needle to contact the groove of the record and no
sound will be heard.)

Sound is noisy or strange.

e If the stylus is worn-out, change the stylus.
e Select the correct playback speed.

Sound skips.

e Place the unit on a stable surface to avoid vibration and shock.

Make sure the unit is level both front to back and side to side.

e Clean the surface of the record.
e Do not use scratched, damaged or warped records.

Cassette tape

The unit does not work even after operation buttons are

e Confirm that a cassette tape has been set. If not, set a cassette


e Insert the cassette tape correctly.

Sound quality is poor.

e Clean the head.
e If the head is magnetized, demagnetize it with a head eraser.
e Set the TAPE switch according to the cassette tape used.

If normal operation cannot be obtained, unplug the power
cord from the outlet and plug it again.

Beware of condensation

When the unit (or a record/disc) is moved from a cold to a warm
place, or used after a sudden temperature change, there is the
danger of condensation; vapor in the air could condense on
the internal mechanism, making correct operation erratic or
impossible. To prevent this, or if this occurs, leave the unit for one
or two hours with the power turned on. The unit will stabilize at
the temperature of its surroundings.


Always keep the turntable clean.
If the surface of the unit gets dirty, wipe with a soft cloth or use
a diluted mild liquid soap. Be sure to remove any excess liquid
completely. Do not use thinner, benzine or alcohol as they may
damage the surface of the unit. Allow the surface of the unit to
dry completely before using.

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