Finalize – Teac GF-550 User Manual

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As has been explained earlier, in order for a disc to become a
standard CD, it must have a Table of Contents (TOC) written to it.
This process is known as finalizing.

Once finalized, CD-R discs are truly final. No more tracks can be
recorded on them. By contrast, CD-RW discs can be “unfinalized“,
and if there is space, further material can be recorded on them.

< You cannot finalize the blank disc.

< When the disc has reached its maximum recordable time, it will

automatically finalize even when recording is still in progress. A
finalized disc cannot be further finalized.


Press the CD button to select “CD”.


Load an unfinalized (recordable) disc.


Press the EASE/FINALIZE button in the stop mode.

“FINAL” appears on the display.

< To cancel the finalizing process, press the STOP button (H).


Press the ENTER button to start finalizing.

“NO TOC” and “REC” indicators blink, and the remaining time for
the finalizing operation appears in the display.

When the operation has been finished, the NO TOC indicator
turns off and the display returns to the track/time display.

During finalizing, no button works.
Never turn the power off nor unplug the power cord.

< Although finalized CD-R discs may be played on ordinary CD

players, remember that finalized CD-RW discs may not play on
ordinary CD players.

< The time for the finalizing vary with the type of the disc.


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