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Handling Records


< Fingerprints and dust cause noise and sound skip and damage

the record and stylus. If the record becomes dirty, gently wipe
the surface in a circular motion. Be sure to clean the records with
a commercially available record cleaner.

< Commercial record cleaning systems are available from many

retailers or on-line. TEAC does not endorse any specific product
but, depending on the condition of your record collection, it may
be advisable to look into one of these systems. Clean records
protect your stylus from undue wear.

Storage precautions

< To avoid dust and scratches, keep records in their sleeves and

jackets when not in use.

< Store records upright on their edges. Records stored horizontally

will eventually bend and warp.

< To protect your records from dust, scratches, and warping, do not

store or place them in the following places:

Locations exposed to direct sunlight
High-temperature and humidity locations
Dusty locations
In the glove compartment or on the rear deck of an automobile

Handling precautions

< Do not touch the record’s grooves. Only handle records, by

the edges or the label, with clean hands. Skin oils from even
clean hands can leave a residue on the record surface that will
gradually deteriorate the quality of your record.




How to Replace the Stylus

The stylus should last about 50 hours under normal use.
However, it is recommended that the stylus be replaced as soon as
you notice a change in sound quality.
Prolonged use of a worn-out stylus may damage the record.
Wear and tear on the stylus will be accelerated under frequent use
of 78 RPM records because of its higher speed.


< Do not disassemble or bent stylus.

< Handle with care, as the stylus is delicate. Use of a bent or

broken stylus may damage the record and cause the turntable to

< To avoid injury, do not touch the tip of the stylus.
< Keep the stylus out of the reach of children.
< Do not expose stylus to extreme heat.
< Contact a qualified repair company if you experience difficulty in

replacing the stylus.

Removing old stylus

1. Turn off the unit’s power before you replace the stylus.
2. Set a screwdriver at the tip of the stylus and push down to the

direction “A”.

3. Remove the stylus by pulling it forward.

Installing a new stylus

1. Hold the tip of the stylus and insert the other edge by pressing in

the direction “B”.

2. Push up in the direction “C” until it locks at the tip.



Replacement stylus (sold separately):
STL-103 (includes 3)
SPL-102 (includes 2, for SP records only)

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