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Before Using the Unit

Read this before attempting any operations.

< Do not place any objects on top of the turntable cover. They may

create noise due to vibrations or fall, especially during playback.

< When the unit is turned on, switching on the TV may cause lines

to appear on the TV screen, depending on the condition of the
electric waves of the TV broadcast. This is not malfunction in the
unit or the TV. In this case, turn off the unit.

< The nominal temperature should be between 5°C and 35°C (41°F

and 95°F). The CD-RW recorder is more sensitive to extremes of
temperature than ordinary CD players.

< Relative humidity should be 30 to 90 degrees non-condensing.

< As the unit may become warm during operation, always leave

sufficient space around the unit for ventilation.

< The voltage supplied to the unit should match the voltage as

printed on the rear panel. If you are in any doubt regarding this
matter, consult an electrician.

< Choose the installation location of your unit carefully. Avoid

placing it in direct sunlight or close to a source of heat. Also avoid
locations subject to vibrations and excessive dust, heat, cold or

< Do not place the unit on an amplifier/receiver.

< Do not open the cabinet as this might result in damage to the

circuitry or electrical shock. If a foreign object should get into the
unit, contact your dealer or service company.

< When removing the power plug from the wall outlet, always pull

directly on the plug, never yank on the cord.

< Do not attempt to clean the unit with chemical solvents as this

might damage the finish. Use a clean, dry cloth.

< Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference.


During playback, the disc rotates at high speed. Do NOT lift or
move the unit during playback. Doing so may damage the disc
or the unit.


When changing the unit’s location or packing the unit for
moving, be sure to remove the record or disc. Moving this unit
with the record or disc loaded may result in damage to this unit.
If the unit is to be packed and moved a great distance, it is also
advisable to tighten the turntable with transport locking screw.
See Page 11 for instructions.

The provided Remote Control Unit allows the unit to be operated
from a distance.
When operating the remote control unit, point it towards the
REMOTE SENSOR on the front panel of the unit.

< Even if the remote control unit is operated within the effective

range, remote control operation may be impossible if there are
any obstacles between the unit and the remote control.

< If the remote control unit is operated near other appliances which

generate infrared rays, or if other remote control devices using
infrared rays are used near the unit, it may operate incorrectly.
Conversely, the other appliances may operate incorrectly.

Battery Installation


Remove the battery compartment cover.


Insert two “AA” (R6, SUM-3) dry batteries. Make sure that the

batteries are inserted with their positive “

+” and negative “_”

poles positioned correctly.


Close the cover.

Battery Replacement

If the distance required between the remote control unit and
main unit decreases, the batteries are exhausted. In this case
replace the batteries with new ones.
For more information about collection of batteries, please
contact your local municipality, your waste disposal service or the
point of sale where you purchased the items.

Precautions concerning batteries

< Be sure to insert the batteries with correct positive “+” and

negative “

_” polarities.

< Use batteries of the same type. Never use different types of

batteries together.

< Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries can be used. Refer

to the precautions on their labels.

< When the remote control unit is not to be used for a long time

(more than a month), remove the batteries from the remote
control unit to prevent them from leaking.

< If the batteries leak, wipe away the liquid inside the battery

compartment and replace the batteries with new ones.

< Do not use any other batteries not specified. Do not mix new

batteries with old ones or use different types of batteries

< Do not heat or disassemble batteries and never throw them in

the fire or water.

< Do not carry or store batteries with other metallic objects. The

battery may short circuit, leak or explode.

< Never recharge a battery.

Remote Control Unit

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