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Erase or Unfinalize a CD-RW

Erase procedures are possible only on an unfinalized CD-RW disc.
If a CD-RW disc has been finalized, unfinalize it prior to erasure.
Note that it is not possible to perform any erase or unfinalize
procedures on a CD-R disc.

It is possible to erase the last recorded track. It is also possible to
erase a whole disc.


Press the CD button to select “CD”.


Load a recorded CD-RW.


Press the ERASE/FINALIZE button in the stop mode.

Each time the FINALIZE/ERASE button is pressed, the display
changes as follows:

“UnFINAL” (unfinalize) appears when a finalized disc is loaded.
“FINAL” appears when the disc has not been finalized. If you
press the FINALIZE/ERASE button again, “ErASE” and the last track
number will appear.

Select this to unfinalize the disc.

ErASE XX (the number of the last track recorded on the
Select this to erase the last track on the disc.

< This will not appear when only one track is recorded on the disc.

Select this to erase all the tracks.

< To erase a number in a finalized CD-RW, unfinalize (UnFINAL) first

and then erase the number by the same procedure (ErASE or

< To cancel the erasing or unfinalizing process, press the STOP

button (



Press the ENTER button to start finalizing.

The remaining time for the operation appears in the display.
When the operation has been finished, the display returns to the
track/time display.

During erasing/unfinalizing, no buttons will work.
Never turn the power off nor unplug the power cord.

< This operation cannot be undone. If you are going to erase a track

or tracks, make sure that they are recordings that you really want
to erase.

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