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Recording (2)

< The default setting is 0. Every time the recording is finished, the

setting is automatically reset to 0.

< Different sources to be recorded (record, cassette tape, CD, etc.)

have different volumes. In order to record at the optimal volume
for different sources, it is necessary to adjust the recording level
for each source.

When you connect to the headphones jack of the radio
cassette recorder or portable player etc.
Set the recording level to “0dB” and adjust the volume of
connected device.
If the recording level is row, adjust the recording level so that the
loudest sound does not exceed the “OVER” indicator on the peak
level meter.


Prepare a recording source.

To record from a record

Move the tone arm to the edge of the record or a position to
record and slowly put it down.

< While the turntable is stopped, the PLAY/PAUSE button(y/J)

will not work and you cannot start recording.

To record from a cassette tape

Start or pause playback of the cassette tape.

< Press the PLAY button (y) to start playback.
< To pause playback, press the PAUSE button (J) and then PLAY

button (


< To prevent the beginning part from being cut out, cue the

cassette tape and pause playback, then after starting recording
as described in step


, press the PUASE button (

J) to start


< You can not start recording while the cassette tape is stopped.

To record a sound played by a component connected to the
AUX terminal

Play the component connected to the AUX terminal.

< To prevent the beginning part from being cut out, cue the

component and pause playback temporarily, then after starting
recording as described in step


, release the pause of the

component to start playback.

< If the component does not have the pause function, after

starting recording as described in step


, start playback of the



Press the PLAY/PAUSE button (

y/J) to start recording.

When the playback of the source finishes, press the STOP button

H) to stop recording.

When playback of a record finishes and the turntable stops
rotating or playback of a cassette tape finishes, recording
automatically ends.

But to prevent unwanted noise from the tone arm or cassette
tape being recorded, stop the recording manually by using the
STOP button as soon as the playback of numbers you want to
record finishes..

When recording is stopped, “REC” and “-End-” blink for several
seconds. Do not turn OFF the power or shake the unit during
recording or when “REC” and “-----” are blinking. Such actions
prevent proper recording.

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