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Select the mode of track number assignment using the


When the MANUAL/AUTO REC button is pressed once, the
current mode is displayed. Press the MANUAL/AUTO REC button
repeatedly to select any other mode.

< When you record a radio broadcast, press the MANUAL/AUTO

REC button of the remote control unit. (The MANUAL/AUTO REC
button on the main unit will work as the PRESET button in the
tuner mode.)

– – (MANUAL)

Track numbers are not given automatically.
Use the TRACK INCREMENT button to divide tracks.
MANUAL is recommended for recording an analog source such
as a record.
The settings will be reset to “Manual” when the unit is turned off.

–20db, –30db or –40db (AUTO REC)

The unit will automatically insert a track division in the recorded
material when the sound level has dropped below the threshold
for more than 2 seconds, and sound has re-started.
“–20db” takes a louder signal to trigger the track increment.
“–40db” means that a relatively quiet signal will trigger the track
increment. “–40db” is suitable for recording a noiseless source
such as a CD.

When recording from a source with a lot of unwanted noise or
an analog source in auto track setting, more track numbers may
be assigned than actual tracks recorded. In this case, choose
“Manual” setting and press the TRACK INCREMENT button to
assign the track numbers as you wish.

< AUTO REC may not work properly with analog sources that

contain low-level noises.

< The AUTO TRACK indicator lights when –20dB, –30dB or –40dB is


< The default setting is MANUAL (off). When the unit is turned on

or the OPEN/CLOSE button is pressed, the setting is automatically
reset to MANUAL (off).

< The MANUAL/AUTO REC button does not work during recording.

Switching is disabled immediately after a disc is placed. Switch
after “NO TOC” is displayed.


Press the RECORD button.

The red indicator on the RECORD button blinks.
The unit enters record pause mode.
During recording, the indicator lights red.

In record pause mode, “REC” indicator blinks and the

J indicator

lights on the display.


< No button will work while “bUSY” is displayed. Wait about 10

seconds until “bUSY” disappears from the display.

< If the red indicator on the RECORD button does not light, reload a

recordable disc, wait a few seconds until “NO TOC” and “CD-R” (or
“CD-RW“) indicators light on the display, and press the RECORD
button again.


Adjusting the recording level.

Play the source to be recorded and adjust the recording level so
that the loudest sound does not exceed the “OVER” indicator on
the peak level meter.

The level can be adjusted from –8 (–12dB) to +8(+12dB).

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