Using quicklink mobile – UTStarcom UM100C User Manual

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Today’s online world offers more services everyday and Wireless gives you

the tools you need to take advantage of the best in connectivity solutions. With

QuickLink Mobile, enjoy the freedom and convenience of wireless Internet

connectivity from your notebook computer!

3.1 Features

WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network, 1xEV-DO/1xRTT/CDMA) Specific


Configures your PC to use your USB Modem.

Creates a Data Connection if using an EVDO capable USB Modem.

Copies utility to create wireless copies of your dial-up connections, if

supported by your device.

Test function for WWAN device.

* A WWAN capable device is required to use the WWAN features. Individual

WWAN features are also device dependent as described in the WWAN section


Other Features:

Logs connections used, duration and bytes sent and received.

It also supports SMS messaging.

See the section “Additional Features” for more information about the features

of QuickLink Mobile.

3.2 Getting Started

Double click on the Cricket Wireless icon on your desktop or click on the Windows

Start menu and select QuickLink Mobile from the list of Programs.

About the Wireless Networks View

QuickLink Mobile will open the Wireless Networks window by default.

This view is where you manage your wireless connections.

The Wireless Networks window displays all currently available network