UTStarcom UM100C User Manual

Page 21

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The Session Menu

Connect / Disconnect: You can connect or disconnect the wireless networks.

Log: This provides a concise session log of your network activity. Click on a column

heading to sort the log. This window also displays the total number of sessions as well

as the total time connected.

The information displayed in the Usage log can be customized using the controls

that appear just below the list.

To view only the connection history of a specific network type, check the “Selected

connection” checkbox and select the desired type from the drop-down list. To

view only the connections made during a specific interval, check the “Date range”

checkbox and specify the date in the “From:” and “To:” fields.

To export this log as a CSV file, click the Export button that is immediately above

the log. To clear the log, press the Clear button. Note that clearing the log cannot

be undone.

Close: Exit the application.