UTStarcom UM100C User Manual

Page 16

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This feature allows QuickLink Mobile to automatically check for software updates.

If an update is available, you will be notified of its size and approximate download


You will be given the choice to download or cancel. If you select download, a

display appears that shows the progress as the update is downloading with the

option to cancel if desired. You do not need to download the updates wirelessly;

you can use any connection to the Internet.

Note: If you download the updates wirelessly, normal usage charges apply.

You can allow the software to automatically check for updates, daily, weekly

(default), or monthly. It only checks when the application is running and when it

detects that you are connected and able to access the Internet. If desired, you

can select “Manually” and the software will only check for updates when you

select “Update Now” (pictured above), or when you select “Help”, then “Check for

Updates” from QuickLink Mobile’s main screen.

4.2 WWAN Specific Settings

WWAN Preferences

Click on “Options”, then “Preferences”.

WWAN Options

Set Options . . . : This is used to set various WWAN connection settings. See below.

Automatically Connect: If desired, you can select to have QuickLink Mobile

automatically connect at application startup.