3 sms settings – UTStarcom UM100C User Manual

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4.3 SMS Settings

SMS (Short Text Message Service) is a messaging application for your

wireless device which allows you to compose and send text messages to

other wireless phones and email accounts.

The SMS tab in the preferences dialog allows you to configure certain text

message delivery options. These options include:

Incoming Message Options

Open SMS window on arrival of new message: Enable/disable automatic

opening of the SMS window on arrival of new text messages

Play sound on arrival of new messages: Play a sound upon receipt of new

SMS messages

Outgoing Message Options

Message delivery duration: Includes settings to automatically resend returned

or undelivered messages for a period of time. The default is a duration of 1



The following confirmation dialogs can be turned on or off:

Warn before deletion of messages.

Confirm deletion of messages.

Confirm sent messages.