UTStarcom UM100C User Manual

Page 23

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The Options Menu

Control Panels: From this menu you have access to your system’s “Modem”,

“Network and Dial-Up Connections”, and “Internet” control panels. You can also see all

control panels by selecting “All”.

Preferences: This is used to select preferences for connection settings.

Please see WWAN Specific Settings for details.

Always on Top: When checked, QuickLink Mobile window displays in front of all other

open application windows, even if another window is placed over QuickLink Mobile

Software window.

The “Internet” button

Launches the default web browser on your computer.

The “Email” button

Launches the default email application on your computer.

The Help Menu

The Connection Manager has a Help section.

Please see the Help section for additional questions.

“Email” Button

“Internet” Button