UTStarcom UM100C User Manual

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1.4 Introduction to UM100C USB Modem

The UM100C is designed for your PC’s USB port, which is available in most

PC models. The UM100C can be used to access the Internet, your company’s

intranet, or you can use it to send and receive email. It is extremely useful when

you are away from the office, on the road, or wherever wireline Internet access is

not readily available.

1.5 Product Features

- Power management: The UM100C utilizes power management and system

overhead reduction functions provided by the USB interface for maximum power


- Antenna design: Efficient, innovative design optimizes data transfer rate and

sensitivity to network signals.

- Extension Y Cable connector: Connect the Y cable to two separate USB ports

of your computer to deliver sufficient power when needed to increase RF

performance, and to solve clearance issues.

- USB Modem that supports Type A USB Port interface.

- Supports North American PCS (1900 MHz), Cellular (800 MHz) and

Aws (Tx 1700MHZ, Rx 2100MHZ) bands.

- Utilizes QUALCOMM MSM6800A chip set.

- Supports 3G network technologies.

- Supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista systems with installed host software and


1.6 Product Handling

- Do not put any adhesive label on the USB connector. It may leave a sticky

residue that can cause problems inside the PC USB port.

- The UM100C USB device should easily slide into the USB port. Do not force the

UM100C into the USB port as it may cause damage to the modem and/or the


- Keep the UM100C in a dry and clean place. (Storage temperature: -22°F to

149°F [- 30°C to 65°C]). Keep your device away from liquids, dust and excessive