Flex-a-Lite 31147 Adjustable Temperature Control Kit User Manual

Adjustable temperature control kit, Wiring diagram

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Wiring Diagram

Adjustable Temperature

Control Kit

Assembly & Installation Instructions

1. Attach the temp. control unit to the mounting bracket

using the hardware provided, then push the knob onto

the control shaft.

2. The control can be mounted to any flat surface in the

engine compartment that is within 18” of the radiator inlet

hose. Use the 3 mounting screws provided.

3. Insert the temp. sensor thru the radiator core as close to

the inlet hose as possible, then push the rubber insulator

cap over the end of the sensor as shown.

4. Connect the “C” terminal on the control unit to the

positive (+) lead on electric fan unit. For automatic

operation, connect the “2” terminal on the control unit to

a fused positive (+) source that is capable of powering

the electric fan unit (refer to wiring diagram below). Use

the female connectors provided.

5. If manual control is desired, use P/N 31148 / 31148N.

Refer to wiring diagram below.

NOTE: If not using

a Flex-a-lite manual switch, DO NOT connect the

ground (-) wire to the switch!

To Adjust Temperature Control

Turn the adjusting knob on the controller completely


clockwise. Idle the vehicle.

When the engine temperature gets above normal, turn


the adjusting knob counterclockwise until fan activates.

Adjusting knob may be adjusted counter-clockwise to

reduce the temperature at which fan a activates.

Insert the temp. sensor near the inlet hose...

Then push the insulator cap over the end of

the sensor.

Rev. 04-15-13 99936


31148 / 31148N