Campbell Scientific CD295 DataView II Dual Line Display User Manual

Page 12

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DataView II (CD295) Dual Line Display

5. PC295 will now return to the main screen, however the ‘CRX FileName’

and ‘DataView 2 Refresh Rate’ will no longer be blank. PC295 has read
your datalogger program, and is now ready for you to create a DataView
II program.

Select the ‘Add Screen’ button.

‘Variable to Display’ has a drop-down list, from which you are able to
choose a Public Variable used in the datalogger program.

6. The ‘Description’ and ‘Units’ fields are free-form text strings that are

displayed on the CD295 along with the value collected from the
datalogger. These fields can be used to provide a user friendly description
and engineering units of the value displayed. It is also possible to choose
the number of decimal places to be used when displaying the value.

Complete the Description, Units and Decimal places.

You can now continue adding screens by repeating steps 5 and 6, as many
times as necessary.