2 online help, 2 device configuration (devconfig) – Campbell Scientific CD295 DataView II Dual Line Display User Manual

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DataView II (CD295) Dual Line Display

4.1.2 Online Help

PC295 has two items on the Help menu – ‘PC295’ and ‘About’. About lists the
version number of the PC295 software, and ‘PC295’ contains online help to
guide you through operation of the software. It is a simple step by step guide to
writing your DataView II program.

4.2 Device Configuration (DEVCONFIG)

Device Configuration (DevConfig) is a freeware utility provided by Campbell
Scientific for the configuration of PakBus devices. This tool allows the user to
send programs, upgrade firmware in the device, and modify device settings.

In the case of the CD295, DevConfig allows you to download your program,
and read/modify the following settings:


the operating system version number

CD295 Address

the PakBus address of the DataView II

Logger address

the PakBus address of the datalogger from which the CD295 should
collect values

Logger Security Code

the security of the datalogger – this should always be 0 for the CR200

Power Down Timer

the period of time after which the CD295 should return to sleep mode

Serial Number

the serial number of the DataView

Backlight Timer

the period of time to keep the backlight on

Before using DevConfig, it is important to provide power to your DataView II
(CD295) and connect the serial port of your computer to the CD295, using the
programming cable provided (see figure below).