Campbell Scientific CD295 DataView II Dual Line Display User Manual

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DataView II (CD295) Dual Line Display


The DataView II displays ‘Waiting’ in a few (but not all) screens.


This message indicates that the DataView requested a public variable from
the datalogger, but has not yet received a response.

If some screens function correctly, then the logger address, is correct,

and the datalogger is answering requests correctly.

Things to check

Is this the right version of the DataView program for the datalogger

It is important that the program that is running in the datalogger is the

same as the one used when the DataView II program was written. If

not, then the DataView II program may need to be re-written.


After sending a program to the DataView II, it displays ‘No program’ and
won’t show any of my screens.


The ‘No program’ message indicates that the current program in the
DataView II is incomplete or incorrect.

No permanent harm is done by sending an incorrect file, however it will
not execute.

Things to check

Did you download the correct file?

It is very important that you select the DV2 file that you created with

PC295, and not the 295 file which is only created for internal use by

the PC295 software itself, or any other file on your computer.

Try downloading again.

Could your DV2 file be corrupt?

No software other than PC295 should be used to edit DV2 files. Even

a slight change to the file is enough to cause the CD295 to reject the


Try recreating the DV2 file in PC295, and download it again.