Software, 1 computer system requirements, 1 minimum configuration – Campbell Scientific CD295 DataView II Dual Line Display User Manual

Page 7: 2 recommended configuration, 2 software installation

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DataView II (CD295) Dual Line Display

5. Remove the programming cable.

6. Mount the CD295 into your datalogger enclosure.

7. Connect the CD295 data cable to the datalogger’s RS-232 port.

8. Power-up the datalogger and CD295 and verify correct operation.

3. Software

3.1 Computer System Requirements

3.1.1 Minimum Configuration

PENTIUM-class machine with 64 MB RAM running Windows 98.

3.1.2 Recommended Configuration

PENTIUM-class machine with 128 MB RAM running Windows 2000/XP.

3.2 Software Installation

1. To begin the installation of the PC295 software, insert the PC295 CD into

your computer, and locate and open the setup.exe file, which contains the
software to be used.

2. After starting Setup.exe you will be presented with a welcome screen

giving a brief introduction to the software. Click OK.