Installation procedure, Temperature 1.234 deg c – Campbell Scientific CD295 DataView II Dual Line Display User Manual

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DataView II (CD295) Dual Line Display


1.234 deg C




The top line contains a string referred to as the ‘Description’, and the second
line contains both the value retrieved from a Public Variable in the datalogger
and a string referred to as ‘Units’. The value displayed on the second line can
be displayed with a user-selectable number of decimal places.

Together, the combination of ‘Description’, Public Variable, ‘Units’ and
number of decimal places, is referred to as a ‘screen’. The CD295 is capable of
holding and displaying up to 30 ‘screens’. There are no limitations on the order
of screens, or which Public Variables are displayed. Pressing the buttons on the
front panel of the DataView II will cause the next (or previous) screen to be

The CD295 will attempt to collect a new value from the datalogger under the
following conditions:

• The user has changed ‘screen’

• The scan interval of the datalogger has expired

After some time (default 10 secs), the backlight will turn off, however the text
will remain visible until the unit enters sleep mode (default 120 secs).
Whenever one of the buttons on the front panel is pressed, these two timers
(Backlight timer and Power Down timer) are both reset. As a result, the
DataView II can be woken from sleep mode by pressing either of the buttons.

While in sleep mode the DataView II will continue to respond to PakBus
communications, however the LCD is turned off and no requests are sent to the

2. Installation Procedure

Below is a general guide to the steps involved in configuring and programming
a DataView II (CD295)

1. Using the CD from the CD295 shipping kit, install PC295W and

DevConfig on your computer.

2. Connect the programming cable’s 9-pin D-connector into the CD295 data

cable and the other end into your PC’s serial COM port.

3. Using PC295W and the datalogger program, configure your screens of

your DataView II (DV2 file).

4. Using DevConfig send the DataView II program (DV2 file), and change

any settings (e.g., PakBus Address).